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Probably the most frequently asked question of all that I receive from friends – what anti-virus software do you use/recommend?

Way too often, I get asked by friends – what anti-virus software do you use? So here is the first of a series of post I will make on the software that I use and recommend to friends.

Below is a list of free anti-virus software that I use myself and always install on any friend’s machine that I build.

The list is not exhaustive of all the options out there. But these are the ones that I would recommend and personally use myself.

Comodo Internet Security Free [Windows]

Figure 1. Comodo Internet Security Product banner.

Comodo Internet Security Free is my first choice recommendation to any PC user out there. The suite includes everything you need; including a firewall and is the most user-friendly free security software I’ve used thus far. The only annoyance is the occasional popup of a little message after a definition update.

Outpost Free Security Suite [Windows]

Figure 2. Outpost Security Suite Product banner.

Outpost Free Security Suite is for those who want an alternative to the Comodo suite. And still want a solution that includes a firewall. But note that this software is not user-friendly and from experience is very slow and have a tendency to stop programs from running properly – particularly FTP clients.

Sophos Anti-virus for Mac Home Edition [OSX]

Figure 3. Sophos Anti-virus for Mac Home Edition Product banner.

Way too often users have been mislead and believe they don’t need an anti-virus solution for the Mac. The truth is; Mac’s also have viruses, only difference is that, the amount of viruses you get is significantly less compared to Windows. And generally created as a hiccup by Apple themselves in their OS updates. So I always have a anti-virus software installed on my Mac. And now with Sophos providing a free solution, I highly recommend all Mac users out there to take advantage of it.

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