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I’m sure at some point in time. You would have asked the question – oh what is that cool program you’re using that allows you to pause and resume your downloads?

For one reason or another. I believe web browsers should provide the functionality to pause/resume downloads. Unfortunately no browser I know of, provides such functionality. But luckily, there’re free download agents out there that provide this very functionality plus more.

I know there are a few other techy people I know who would recommend other free download agents due to various reasons. But I will stick to my recommendations below – purely on the basis that these download agents are completely ad-free. Yes, there’s no nagging pop-ups asking you to upgrade, or streaming ads (the ad banners in the application).

Free Download Manager [Windows]

Figure 1. Free Download Manager Product banner.

Free Download Manager like it’s name – is completely free. There’s no restrictions on anything as far I know. It even does torrents, but I won’t recommend you use it for torrents as the download speed you get is not that great. Unfortunately, it’s only for Windows.

Folx Download Manager [OSX]

Figure 2. Folx Download Manager Product banner.

Folx Download Manager can be thought of as the Mac version of Free Download Manager. But is not completely free. And when I say that, I mean. You can use the free version for as long as you like. But some of the premium features will not be enabled unless you purchase a license for it (i.e. upgrade to the pro version). But there’s no ad banners or nagging pop-ups to upgrade. And is the only decent free download agent for the mac that I have come across in the past 3 years or so.

uTorrent Bit Torrent Client [OSX/Windows/Android/iOS]

Figure 3. uTorrent Product banner.

uTorrent Bit Torrent Client is by far and large, the best bit torrent client out there in my opinion. It’s a super small download and uses very minimal space and resources. But the most defining property about uTorrent is its download speed. Out of all the bit torrent clients I’ve used over the years, it provides the fastest download speed. Though with the newer releases, I have been seeing quite a bit of extra bloat added into the setup as well as additional functionality that one wouldn’t need in a bit torrent client. So when you download, I recommend getting a older version of uTorrent.

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