How-To take screenshots on Mac OSX

One of the most common questions I hear from new mac users is: There’s no print screen button on my mac, how do I take a screenshot of my desktop/screen?

Strange as it sounds. There is no dedicated print screen button on mac keyboards – even though it is one of the most commonly used keys. But don’t fear, there’s a couple of ways you can still take a screenshot of your mac’s desktop/screen.

using a combination keyboard shortcut

Figure 1. Screenshot of OSX Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

(Shift) key + (Command) key + (3) key = takes screenshot of entire screen

(Shift) key + (Command) key + (4) key = takes screenshot of selected area of screen

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, refer to this page on Apple’s website:

using the Grab app

Figure 2. Screenshot of Grab app’s Capture drop down menu.

If you know the snipping tool on Windows. You can think of grab as the mac equivalent of it.

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