Free Code Editors For Web Developers

New to the web development scene and looking for a nice decent and FREE code editor?

Look no further, below is a list of what I would recommend to new web developers looking for a free code editor. The list is in order of recommendation; with Visual Studio being my number 1 recommendation.

Visual Studio Express [Windows]

Figure 1. Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 Product banner

WebMatrix [Windows]

Figure 2. Microsoft Web Matrix 2 Product banner.

Expression Web [Windows]

Figure 3. Microsoft Expression Web Product banner.

Text Wrangler [OSX]

Figure 4. Bare bones website banner.

XCode [OSX]

Figure 5. Xcode 4 Product banner.

Notepad++ [Windows/OSX]

Figure 6. Notepad++ Product banner.

Komodo Edit [Windows/OSX]

Figure 7. Active State website banner.

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