Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review

After spending just a bit over a week with the Kobo Glo I had to return it. Review can be found here:

At first I thought I could bare with its pitfalls, but then I discovered the deal breaker – I couldn’t read/access any of my Amazon purchases on my Kobo Glo.

Prior to getting a dedicated I had the Kindle reader apps on my Acer Iconia Tab and Windows Phone mobile; thus brought some books off the Kindle store.

At this point you might be saying; “hang on. I’ve read all over the internet saying that you can read Kindle books on a Kobo, all you need to do is just put it through a ebook converter/management program like Calibre. I too thought the same. However, the truth is this: you can only convert non-DRM protected Kindle books, not DRM protected ones. And surprise, surprise – the ones you buy off the Amazon Kindle Store are DRM protected.

So my advice to anyone who has already brought some ebooks off the Amazon Kindle store. You need not read further as your only real option is to stick to the Kindle. It’s a bit unfair to have this kind of lockin. But it seems to totally legal and valid. Just take a look at the iOS, Android, Symbian, and Windows Phone apps.

When I went to return my Kobo Glo, I was asked to throw all my Kindle purchases out the door and start over again and be locked into the Kobo ecosystem. (fortunately I declined that offer and returned the Kobo Glo ereader)

But for those who aren’t already tied to any ebook ecosystems yet. Read further and let me explain to you why I have absolutely no regrets and am completely thrilled with my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite purchase.

Why am I saying the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best ebook reader out there at the moment – hands down? Definitely not because it has a closed ecosystem that locks you in! But because it is by far the most user friendly ebook reader I’ve come across.


It has all the bells and whistles you would expect/want/need from the latest generation of ebook readers (i.e. built-in backlight and touchscreen). AND more importantly its got the best physical ebook design out there, better than its competitors: the Kobo Glo and Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.

The Kindle sat comfortably/naturally in my hand due to its thin profile, a semi-soft back and all edges being rounded/curved slightly. Refer to figures 1 – 4 for visuals.

Other things I liked about the Kindle over the Kobo Glo

  1. Not too light, just right.
  2. Amazon Kindle store.
  3. Management of Kindle/Kindle apps via Amazon website.
  4. Firmware/Software is very stable.
  5. More responsive.
  6. Placement and size of buttons are better.
  7. Build quality/material.

Things I missed/liked on the Kobo Glo over the Kindle Paperwhite

  1. Ability to have the cover of the book you’re currently reading be your standby cover wallpaper.
  2. Physical hardware button to turn the backlight off/on.
  3. The backlight is more uniformly spread out and brighter.
  4. microSD card slot for extra storage.


Kindle Paperwhite from a distance
Figure 1. Kindle Paperwhite from a distance.
Kindle Paperwhite close up of inner bezel
Figure 2. Close up of inner bezel of Kindle Paperwhite.
Kindle Paperwhite close up of outer edge
Figure 3. Close up of outer edge of Kindle Paperwhite.
Back of Kindle Paperwhite
Figure 4. The back of a Kindle Paperwhite.

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