Sydney Power House Museum


While I was at the Power House Museum for the Sydney Mini Maker Faire, I decided to take the opportunity to check out the rest of Power House Museum.

Power House Museum is the flagship venue of Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), located in the old Ultimo Power Station building adjacent to Darling Harbour. For more information, see official Power House Museum website.

Note: There are more exhibitions and displays than mentioned below, the ones mentioned are just the ones that caught my attention. Also, the headings are not the titles of the exhibitions in the Museum. If you want to know the real titles, I suggest you go check out the exhibitions in person to find out – it’s well worth it.

Human body

This exhibition focused on human reproduction and contraception, showcasing some old and current devices that have been sold (and maybe used?).

Figure 1. Condoman poster and sex toys display.

Planes, planes, and more planes

Hanging above the permanent exhibitions is a bunch of replica planes.

Figure 2. Row of replica planes hanging from ceiling.
Figure 3. Close-up of replica VH-AMB plane.

Space shuttle

The space shuttle exhibition is definitely my favourite. The space shuttle is cut-up into pieces (due to space constraints I’m guessing). Right above the space shuttle are a few satellites hanging off the ceiling.

Figure 4. Replica satellites hanging off ceiling.

Train station

A replica of a Victorian time train station. Consists of two trains, timetable board, and a control tower office.

Figure 5. Replica Victorian train station board.
Figure 6. Replica Victorian train platform.

Summary of my Experience

I really enjoyed my time at the Power House Museum, that’s probably because I love tech. But in saying that, the exhibitions are quite varied, particularly the temporary exhibitions. So my suggestion to anyone who is not interested in technology or space shuttles (say… who doesn’t like space shuttles?). Have a look on the Power House Museum’s website to see what temporary exhibitions are on before you go.

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