Nano-SIM Adapter Review


Ever since Apple came onto the mobile phone scene, we’ve seen the SIM card change not once, but twice; and soon a third time!

The first change from a normal-SIM to micro-SIM was not too bad. Network providers instead of giving out normal-SIM cards, they now offered SIM cards as a micro-normal-SIM (a micro-SIM sitting inside the frame of a normal SIM, in which you can pop out the micro-SIM or pop it back in), essentially acting like a micro to normal SIM adapter.

However, with the transition from micro-SIM to nano-SIM, there were nano-micro-SIM card offering. The choices available were either a nano-SIM card or the micro-normal-SIM card. This was a real annoyance for me, as I had two phones and only one SIM. So every time I wanted to use the other phone, I had to go into the local dealer and ask to have my SIM swapped.

Then my friend Paul Chapman tweeted about this Nano-SIM adapter kit. My problem was solved! And it can solve yours too! Provided you have the same problem. :)

Why no 3-in-1 SIM cards?

I know in other parts of the world (like just across the Tasman from OZ – NZ). Some network providers, provide a 3-in-1 SIM card, which is essentially a nano-SIM sitting inside a micro-SIM frame, sitting inside a normal-SIM frame.

However, there is a problem with this design. The size difference between the nano-SIM and micro-SIM is so small, the frame edge on the longer side is rather thin and very easy to snap and break. This is where the clever design of these Nano-SIM adapter kits come in.

They are designed with a clear plastic layer over the entire adapter. This clear plastic layer not only helps with keeping the nano-SIM sit snugly inside the micro-SIM frame, but also provides extra re-enforcement strength to the thin frame edge, preventing the thin edge from snapping when popping out the nano-SIM from the micro-SIM frame.


If you have a need or even just want one. Go buy one, the kit costs less than $2. The only regret you’ll get is not getting one sooner. :)

Product Photos

Figure 1. Front side of nano-SIM adapter package.
Figure 2. Back side of nano-SIM adapter package.

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