Crumpler Haven (large) Review


For those who have not heard of Crumpler before.

Crumpler is an Australian bag maker headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Their bags are known for 3 things:

To learn more, see About Crumpler on Crumpler’s website.


If you have ever tried to find the perfect camera bag, you would know, it’s like trying to find the perfect wife – near impossible. That’s where something like the Crumpler Haven comes into play.

The Haven is a camera/camera gear pouch that protects your camera/camera gear; designed to be placed within another bag – any bag, as long as the bag is big enough to fit the Haven you have. Haven’s come in 3 sizes; small, medium, and large. This review is of the large-sized Haven.


Like all bags, pretty much what you see is what you get. Ignoring the plastic bag it came in and the labels, the Haven comes with 3 Velcro dividers.


The Haven’s design is not as wildly adventurous as other Crumpler bag designs, but still a stunner to look at and worlds apart from other companies’ protective pouches.

The design is a simple rectangular shape where all sides are padded, except for the top side (the opening to the pouch), which has a draw string design to close up the pouch.

Inside the pouch, there are 3 Velcro dividers, allowing you to divide the interior of the pouch up to 4 smaller compartments.

There are 3 different colour combinations one can choose from. I chose the one with green/black exterior and blue interior.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Haven large pouch is top notch. Material used looks and feels solid – only time will tell. But initial impression is; lives up to the Crumpler brand.


The biggest issue with Crumpler bags is their usability. They’re designed to look nice and last for ages, but sadly, the usability is completely overlooked.

Main compartment looks big and spacious. However, when you try to put your camera gear into it, you will find it’s actually quite small and narrow. I have not tried to fit a normal-sized DSLR in it. But for size guidance, my Sony Alpha a7S with battery grip is wider than the width of the Haven large pouch.

I do not recommend putting anything other than your camera remote/batteries (definitely not memory cards as suggested by Crumpler) in the elastic pockets on the outside.


The Crumpler Haven large ticks every legendary Crumpler bag checkbox, including the ‘slightly too small box‘. I had to stretch the Haven large in order to fit my Sony a7S mirrorless camera with battery grip attached in.

Therefore, my recommendation is; only look at the Crumpler Havens if you are 100% sure you will not be getting a battery grip for your camera at any point. And this also means pro-body cameras are automatically ruled out.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Haven up-close inside plastic packaging.
Figure 2. Haven inside plastic packaging flat on desk side A.
Figure 3. Haven inside plastic packaging flat on desk side B.
Figure 4. First look inside Haven.
Figure 5. Inside of Haven with dividers taken out.

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