Dyson DC58 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review


If you’re on the market for a new vacuum cleaner, there’s really only one brand you should be looking at – Dyson. Yes, they cost more than their competitors. However, once you go past the cost question and decide to get a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the hardest question wasn’t actually the cost, but rather which Dyson vacuum cleaner to get.

Due to various reasons (that I have no clue about), there’s a plethora of Dyson vacuum cleaners to choose from. Since this review is about the DC58 model, I’ll just list the other handheld/handstick models (which I’ll just refer to as handheld) currently available on the market. They include the DC43H (Mattress), DC45, DC58 (Animal), V6, V6 (Animal), V6 (Motorhead), V6 (Fluffy), and V6 (Absolute).

As you can see, the DC58 sits in between the older DC4x series and the V6 series (the latest series at time of writing). So what exactly does these model numbers and series tell us?

If you look at the features and specifications of all these products, only 3 things really differentiate them:

  1. Motor powering the handheld
  2. Task/Purpose/Brushes that come with the handheld
  3. Weight of the handheld


Even though there’s supposedly three series listed, there’s only two motors used in all the products. V2 in the DC4x series and the rest if powered by the V6.


DC43H comes with a specially designed cleaner head to clean/vacuum mattresses.

DC45 comes with a general purpose brush head.

DC58 comes with a mini motorised brush head to help vacuum animal hair.

All V6 options comes with a range of brushes for general purpose vacuuming, with the exception of the top-of-the-line model – V6 Absolute; which has a HEPA filter.

Note: All Dyson brushes are compatible with all their vacuum cleaners. It’s just a matter of buying the brush heads (which are not cheap – it’s usually cheaper to buy the bundled option you need).


DC43H – 1.32KG
DC45 – 2.3KG

DC58 – 1.6KG

V6 – 2.06KG
V6 Animal – 2.11KG
V6 Motorhead – 2.25KG
V6 Fluffy/V6 Absolute – 2.3KG


Although the DC58 Animal was designed to vacuum animal hair, it does not mean that it does not do a good job at general vacuuming. It is powered by the same V6 digital motor that powers the current V6 series handsticks. But keep in mind, without the handstick (the long general purpose brush that allows you to vacuum the floor in a standing position), it is very difficult to vacuum an entire floor/large floor area.

If you have already bought the DC58 or already own it and want to vacuum an entire floor/large floor area, it’s not the end of the world. All Dyson vacuum brushes are designed to be compatible with all Dyson vacuum cleaners, so you just need to buy the handstick.


The design is a typical Dyson handheld design, definitely a eye-turner and much better handling than other competitors handheld offerings. It feels like holding a drilling.


Powered by the latest and greatest V6 digital motor, there’s not much more one can ask for in the performance department.

Build Quality

Build quality is top notch, as expected from a Dyson product. The plastic construction feels solid throughout and will easily outlast the measly 2 years warranty (Australia) that Dyson offers for the product.


Overall I’m happy with the DC58, it does a great job of sucking up the dust compared to its competitors and undeniably the best value handheld on the market right now, considering it uses the exact same motor as the much more expensive V6 series. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending the DC58.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Dyson DC58 box.
Figure 2. Inside the Dyson DC58 box.
Figure 3. Dyson DC58 with all accessories taken outside box.
Figure 4. Dyson DC58 with main brush connected.

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