IOGEAR Bluetooth Desktop Dock Review


Being a strong believer in minimalism, I hate having a cluttered desk or redundant things. Therefore, I went on a search to find something that would help me solve my issue of having a separate keyboard for my tablet and came across the ATEN CS-533 Bluetooth KVM and this IOGEAR Bluetooth Desktop Dock.

After some digging and research help from a fellow work colleague (who bought the ATEN CS-533 Bluetooth KVM), I realised that there was no difference between the two docks, except for the branding and thus decided to get the cheaper IOGEAR.


The dock is made up of two parts, the main dock (with a non-detachable USB-cable) and a clear see-through piece of plastic that attaches to the dock, to help hold your smartphone/tablet in place.

The design is follows a minimalist design and would suit any desktop setting. It is a universal dock, allowing you to rest just about any smartphone and tablet that’s less than 8.4″ on it.


The dock is very responsive, pressing ALT+F1/ALT+F2/ALT+F3 instantly shifts from one device to the desired device.

Note: If your smartphone/tablet/or other Bluetooth device is set to turn off Bluetooth to conserve power, there will be a bit of a delay as the dock re-establishes a Bluetooth connection with the device. This has nothing to do with the dock.

Build Quality

The dock feels very solidly built, made of hard plastic.

Only complaint I have in regards to the build quality is the non-replaceable USB-cable used to both power the device and connect to a host PC/MAC (non-Bluetooth) device.


If you’re like me, who hates typing on a on-screen keyboard, this is a must have accessory. Not only does it help with reducing the number of keyboards you need to have on your desk, it also greatly improves your workflow, convenience, and experience by not having to move your body from one keyboard to another.

This is dock is so good, I believe every techie and digital worker should buy one. That is anyone who has at least one tablet and one smartphone.

Helpful Tips

A few things to help you get started once you make the jump and purchase the dock:

  • The dock is plug’n’play, so no drivers is required to use the dock with your Windows or MAC machine.
  • You have to plug the USB cable into something that will provide it power (it needs power to work).
  • If you’re using a wireless keyboard combo (such as the Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550), you need to plug the unifying receiver into the mouse slot in the dock, otherwise only the keyboard would be picked up.
  • The dock is essentially the same as the ATEN CS-533 Bluetooth KVM with the ATEN branding replaced with IOGEAR (An ATEN international Company), so you can use the firmware for ATEN CS-533 to update the Bluetooth dock.
  • At time of writing, I was not able to get the dock to work with my Lumia 930 (Windows Phone 8.1) .

Product Photos

Figure 1. Packaging front.
Figure 2. Packaging back.
Figure 3. Taking contents out of packaging.
Figure 4. All contents of package still wrapped in protective wrapping.
Figure 5. All package contents without protective wrapping.
Figure 6. IOGEAR Bluetooth dock fully assembled.
Figure 7. Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact resting in dock.

Where to buy


IOGEAR Bluetooth Desktop Dock
Aten CS-533 Bluetooth KVM

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