Cli-mate Air Purification System (CLI AP10-W) Review


There are many reasons why we may not want to have our room windows open during the night or even during the day. For me, it’s because I live on a busy street, near the train line. And like most people, I am usually away during the day at work or out and about enjoying the day, so there’s not much opportunity to air out the room.

Air that haven’t been recycled/circulated back out into the open, over time becomes stuffy and is characterised by a musty smell. This type of air also has a heavy feel to it and clogs up your nose – not a good thing for ones health. Therefore, I began my search for a solution and ended up with the Cli-mate air purification system (CLI AP10-W).

As with my reviews, I do not go over product specifications or details, you can find them on the Cli-mate air purification system (CLI AP10-W) product page on Cli-mate’s website.


The Cli-mate air purification system (CLI AP10-W) looks like a larger version of a fortune teller’s crystal ball (see product photos at end of review).

Personally I think it’s very sleek looking and one of the main reasons why I chose it over the others on the market.


As I am no health expert, nor do I have the tools to measure the contents of the air in the room. I will only write about my subjective experience.

After using the air purification system, I noticed two main changes:

  1. The air is no longer stuffy and the musty smell has disappeared along with it.
  2. I rarely wake up in the morning like my nose is blocked.

So to answer the sceptics question: does it work? The answer is: yes! But does it do the things the manufacturer claims, such as reduce air pollutants and to what extent, I cannot say.

Build Quality

The Cli-mate air purification system is made of sturdy hard plastic. Though it is made of plastic, it is very solidly put together.

To provide you with a better measurement, I’ve had mine for over 8 months now and it still looks and feels like brand new (less a bit of surface dust). During this time, I’ve had the purifier running on average 5 nights a week (here a night means from ~7pm to ~7am).


As with all “non-natural” things, it’s not the most ideal solution. However, if you have a stuffy room no larger than a double room, in which it is not convenient to have the windows or doors open, this small Cli-mate air purification system would do a great job in cleaning out the musty smell and (in my subjective opinion does) improve the quality of air in the room.

Ultimately, I found the Cli-mate air purification system (CLI AP10-W) fit my needs and have no hesitation in recommending it to others. Just remember it’s for small rooms (up to 10m2), not open spaces or large rooms like lounges.

Note: This is not a solution to completely replace the need to air out a room. It is a complementary solution to reduce the frequency one needs to air out a room. My recommendation is to air out the room naturally at least once a week.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Cli-Mate air purification system box.
Figure 2. Cli-Mate air purification system sitting inside packaging.
Figure 3. The inside of the Cli-Mate air purification system.
Figure 4. Cli-Mate air purification system switched on.

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