Apple iPhone 6S User Review


Some may say, why bother write an iPhone 6S review now that everyone is already talking about the next big thing – iPhone 7 rumors. Well, back in the end of 2015, I had an ah-ha moment. I realised. I am a BIG culprit of the ‘new toy syndrome’ (you know, you absolutely love that new toy so much, you completely oversee its flaws. Until a month or two later). Therefore, I have decided to hold off my reviews on products until the ‘new toy feeling’ has completely worn off on me.


The iPhone 6S is the very first iPhone I’ve owned. It took Apple a good 6+ years to get me on board and to add to its testament, it’s also the first smartphone I’ve kept as my primary phone for more than 6 consecutive months in the last half-decade (the other being the Nokia Lumia 930 Windows Phone and I have no intentions to switch to a new phone anytime soon).

Had it been any earlier versions, I would find it hard to believe I would last more than a month. The iPhone 6S is really that much of a game changer.


Looking at the iPhone 6S from a distance, it looks identical to the iPhone 6, but we all know it’s a little thicker and stronger.

Personally, I prefer the iPhone 5S design and would have loved Apple to stick to that design. However, as humans, we desire change for the sake change. But I ain’t complaining, as the iPhone 6/6S is still a stunner to look at – otherwise copycat Android vendors would not be making almost identical knock-offs of it.


Performance is where I was sold on the iPhone 6S. Above everything else, the most important thing to me is the responsiveness of a device and the iPhone 6S wins hands down. Nothing comes close. Even with supposedly ‘lower-spec’d’ hardware such as 2GB of RAM and dual-core CPU vs Android/Windows devices’ with 4GB of RAM and Octa-core CPU, I found the iPhone 6S ran a lot smoother.

Windows Phone 7.x/8.x gave iOS a run for it’s money in the OS efficiency game. But unfortunately, that didn’t get brought over to Windows 10 mobile. I won’t bother with Android, we all know it’s an absolute dog of a OS, the only thing going for Android is the cheap/low pricing.

Build Quality

The build quality of the iPhone 6S is top notch as expected. However, I found it very easy to scratch the device – so protection is a must. I recommend getting a screen protector, even if you have a case that provides protection against scratching the screen when you place the device faced down (like the official Apple leather cases).

I was fortunate that the vibration motor inside my original iPhone 6S started to play up 7 months in and had the iPhone swapped under warranty. Now I have a scratch-free iPhone 6S again. :)

Note: If you live in Australia, unofficially, you have 2 years of warranty without the need to purchase Apple Care. For more details, see Apple Products and Australian Consumer Law on the Apple website.


Being a self-proclaimed Microsoft fanboy, it saddens me to say that I’m still in love with my iPhone 6S 8 months in. It embodies everything I want in my smartphone; snappy and responsive UI, all the apps in all it’s glory (no cut-down features or long overdue updates), and the stability required of a phone. The only thing I don’t like has nothing to do with the device – it’s the price! Yes, it’s very expensive and that’s the only drawback I can think of.

Would I recommend the iPhone 6S? Heck, yes* – provided it won’t put you in a bad financial position. Otherwise, the iPhone SE is the way to go.

*Important Note: Recommendation is for 64GB/128GB models only. Don’t waste your money with the 16GB model.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Top side of box packaging.
Figure 2. Box with top cover removed, revealing iPhone 6S.
Figure 3. All the contents of the package.
Figure 4. Top side of iPhone 6S.
Figure 5. Bottom side of gold coloured iPhone 6S.

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