Apple iPhone 6/6S Protective Leather Case Review


When you’re paying over AU$1,300 for a smartphone, you’ll no doubt want to protect your investment. And like everything else, you’ll want to get something that’s proportional to the cost of the device. Not much point in getting a cheap flimsy $2 case.

The big question I want to answer in this review is; is the official Apple-designed leather case better than third-party designed cases.


There’s really nothing spectacular about the case’s design. It looks the same as most third-party designed cases (I think Apple just copied existing case designers’ design – Apple copying others? Unbelievable!).


This is where I found the case to be lacking the most. The case looks great and the iPhone sits snugly inside the case with no signs of the device slipping out or being too tight.

So what is the case lacking? The case is lacking in the most crucial aspect a case is designed for – protecting the device inside.

I found the case to offer very little, to no protection at all. Though it has the ‘lip’ design to allow one to place the iPhone faced-down. I found the ‘lip’ to be very shallow and the iPhone was still prone to scratching when placed faced-down.

Other manufacturer’s designs also wrap around the bottom of the iPhone, only exposing the ports. The Apple leather case didn’t cover the bottom at all, leaving it completely exposed to scratches. This is rather strange, as the bottom of the device is usually where it gets scratched the most – from attempts to dock your iPhone, plug in the headphones/charging/data cable, and you normally slide the phone down your pockets upright.

I speak from experience here. My iPhone 6S got scratched at the bottom when a guy carelessly slid the device into his bag and there was something else already in the bag.

Build Quality

The build quality is top notch, as expected from a high-end case from Apple costing AU$69. However, due to the designer(s)’ desire to have the cases be thin, so that even with the case on, (quoting Apple) your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 still feels incredibly slim. Because of this, I feel the case is a bit flimsy and was designed to last not much longer than a year or two.

A colleague of mine’s silicone case broke after 18 months.


The only thing going for the official Apple leather case is just that. It’s the official case and therefore, there’s a nice Apple logo/imprint on the case. Beyond that, you’ve got another overpriced Apple product that has not had its many flaws ironed out yet.

Don’t waste your money and leave your iPhone unprotected. Buy a third-party alternative instead.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Top side of box packaging.
Figure 2. Bottom side of box packaging.
Figure 3. Box packaging half-open revealing blue leather case inside.
Figure 4. Blue leather case resting faced down in packaging.
Figure 5. Blue leather case next to box packaging.

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