Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Review


After using the flop that was the ‘Touch Cover’ and not-so-great, original Type Cover. My expectations of the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover was pretty low and rightfully so.


The overall design of Type Cover has not changed compared to the first 2 generations of the Type Cover. Most notable change would be the larger size, thanks to the larger size of the Surface Pro 3/4. And Microsoft has done a great job in utilising this new-found space, using it to increase the spacing between the keys. The Type Cover now feels more like a normal keyboard, providing a much more comfortable typing experience.


This is where the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover blows away all its predecessors, the under-the-hood (technology) changes. Most notably, the new larger glass trackpad. Once you have used a glass trackpad, you will never go back.

Overall, I found the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover much more comfortable to use than its predecessors and cannot imagine using another laptop/2-in-1 that does not have a glass trackpad.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover feels like an improvement – hard to tell, as it looks and feels like it is still made from the same material. Either way, the issue I had with the old Touch/Type Cover still remains – they are too soft/unstable to be used on a non-flat hard surface (e.g. one’s lap).


The Surface Pro 4 Type Cover is a significant step in the right direction. But until Microsoft fixes the issue(s) preventing one from using the Type Cover on one’s lap, Microsoft’s claim of a tablet that can replace your laptop is nothing more than just a dream.

Although not perfect, I still highly recommend the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover if you want to make the most out of your Surface Pro 3/4 experience.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Top side of packaging.
Figure 2. Close up of Type Cover.
Figure 3. Type Cover attached to Surface Pro 4.

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