Celicious Privacy Screen Protector for Surface Pro 4 Review


Privacy screen protectors – oh, the irony.

One measurement used to determine whether a display is good or bad is the viewing angle offered by the display. Ironically, a privacy screen protector is designed to reduce the viewing angle of a display – ironic, is it not?

Therefore, if having the widest possible angle of view, or a bright screen is important to you, you can stop reading this review – privacy screen protectors are not for you.

Device Fit

The protector fits the Surface Pro 4 perfectly, edge-to-edge, no gap what-so-ever. This is the first privacy screen protector I have bought to-date that fits the device’s display it was designed for so perfectly.

iPhone privacy screen protector makers should learn how-to measure properly from Celicious.

Effectiveness as a Screen Protector

As a screen protector, it does a decent job, it will prevent light to semi-deep scratching. However, because it is not made of glass, it will not protect against knife cuts or similar type of damage.

Quality of Protector

The privacy protector is quite well made. Even with quite a bit of touch and Surface Pen usage over the last 4+ months, I have yet to see any signs of the privacy protector peeling off the screen. In comparison, the 3M privacy protector I bought for my iPhone 6S had signs of peeling off within a couple of weeks, and within a month there were bubbles appearing and the corners no longer wanted to stick to the screen.

Effectiveness as a Privacy Screen Protector

The golden question. Does it do a good job at reducing the angle of view? Short answer – no.

I found the privacy protector only really lowers the brightness of the display and relies solely on the reflective property of plastic to reduce the viewing angle. So if you are in a dark room with little to no room lighting, the privacy protector does nothing more than just reduce the brightness of the display. The content on the display is easily viewable from any angle, as if the display did not have a privacy protector on it.


If you are looking for a privacy screen protector designed specifically for the Surface Pro 4, then you are with little luck. This was the only one I could find online that would ship to Australia.

So should you buy it or go commando? Well, bottom line is; it may not do a fantastic job, it is still better than not having one. However, if all you need is just a screen protector, you are better off with a standard screen protector – this privacy screen protector is not worth the extra $60+.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Top side of packaging.
Figure 2. Bottom side of packaging.
Figure 3. Inside the packaging a cleaning kit and privacy protector.
Figure 4. All the contents of the package.
Figure 5. Surface Pro 4 before applying protector.
Figure 6. Viewing Surface Pro 4 from a distance after applying protector.
Figure 7. Viewing Surface Pro 4 from left edge after applying protector.
Figure 8. Viewing Surface Pro 4 from right edge after applying protector.

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