Sennheiser HD600 Open-Back Headphone Review


When it comes to comfort and sound reproduction, closed-back headphones are no match for their open-back counterparts. I can still remember vividly those days (yes, days – not hours), spent listening to my Sennheiser HD555 without any signs of listening fatigue. That was my first encounter with open-back headphones.

Fast-forward almost a decade, I finally made the jump to the next level with the HD600 – a legendary open-back headphone that has been in production for almost 2 decades!

Though the glory days of being Sennheiser’s flagship headphone are well past it. The flagship-turned-midrange HD600 is a wonderful gift from Sennheiser to the masses. Now a lot more people can enjoy that ‘audiophile’ experience.


The HD600s are a stunning pair of headphones to look at. That nice faux blue marble look certainly adds a mystical feel to the legendary headphones.


The HD600 certainly belongs in the audiophile class of headphones. Even without an amp, the headphones managed to deliver a listening experience that I (subjectively) believe sounds much more superior to that of a high-end consumer grade headphone costing over AUD$400.

Paired with a good amp, and the HD600s will show you what audiophile grade audio sounds like (provided your source is also of high quality).

Word of warning: once you have tasted audiophile grade audio, there is no going back! So prepare yourself for a ride that will change your life forever.

Build Quality

This is the first pair of headphones I have owned that I could honestly say would last for years. Unlike modern headphones that relies on a heavy use of glue. The HD600 does not use any glue in its assembly and is designed in a way that allows a user to self-repair/replace any part of the headphone. With the parts readily available for purchase from Sennheiser directly.

Wish other manufacturers would do the same. This way, if you wanted to upgrade the drivers, you could just upgrade the drivers on their own. Or if the band snapped, replace the band without needing to buy a complete whole new pair of headphones. This will greatly help reduce the amount of tech waste that goes into land fills each year.


The Sennheiser HD600 really lives up to the legend that is the HD600, and no wonder it is still in production after all theses (not years), but decades!

I have no hesitation in recommending the superb HD600 to anyone looking for a pair of open-back headphones – you will not find anything else within this price range that comes anywhere close to sounding as great as the HD600. And for those looking at getting a 500 series – forget the 500 series. Pay that bit extra and get the HD600, you will not regret it.

However, for those who are not specifically looking for open-back headphones, but a ‘step-up’ in sound quality/listening experience. My recommendation is to take a look at the Oppo PM-3. Yes, the PM-3s are a bit more than the HD600s. However, for the HD600 to really shine, you will need a decent amp. Once you factor the cost of a decent amp into the equation, the PM-3s look much more appealing.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Top of packaging.
Figure 2. First peek inside box revealing user manual on top of headphones.
Figure 3. All the contents of the package.
Figure 4. Close-up of cable.

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