vividwireless 4G LTE Home Gateway Review

Disclaimer: I am not an employee or in anyway associated with Vivid Wireless/Optus, I am just another customer of Vivid Wireless. I get no incentive to promote their products or services.


Vividwireless will be closing down its WiMAX network in late November this year, so they provided me with a free modem for their new 4G LTE network. And since, they only offer the Home Gateway, that is what I got.

I have already reviewed both of their old modems – the ViViFi and old Home Gateway (I won’t bother linking to those reviews, as they are useless now) – but I’ll draw on my experiences with them in this review.


There is nothing special about the design of the modem. It’s just a standard Huawei modem with a vividwireless logo on it.

What is of note is, the new Home Gateway is simpler in design, smaller, and lighter in weight compared to its WiMAX predecessor.


The setup process has been streamlined compared to the previous annoying process of having to ring up to activate the modem. Now, the process is the same as if you were connecting to a standard wired broadband service.

A dialog appears when you initiate a connection to their network. In this dialog, you enter your account credentials.


Even though the modem supports up to 32 devices. The manual suggests not to use it with more than 2 devices at a time.

This is surprising, as the service is marketed as an alternative to wired broadband. However, I must say. When I had two machines connected to the modem and one of them was performing a Windows Update. The connection for the other machine was appalling.

This may be just the vividwireless network not setup to handle this kind of traffic. As both machines showed no signs of disconnecting from the modem itself. Or the modem showing signs of lag – which was something I had experienced with the previous WiMAX ViViFi and Home Gateway.


Firmware had plagued the WiMAX devices issued by vividwireless for months (maybe even years), before they finally released something stable.

Stability. However, is not the issue with the new Home Gateway’s firmware. It is the lack of functionality and just outright random configuration setup.

The new Home Gateway includes a USB port, but we cannot use it as the firmware does not yet support it.

There is two MAC filter configuration screens. One is clearly identified for the WIFI, but not sure what the second one is for.


Initial impression with the modem is positive. Definitely a step-up from both the ViViFi and the old WiMAX Home Gateway.

I do hope they enable the USB port soon and also increase the support to exFAT and up to 2TB hard drives. 32GB FAT32 storage is useless.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Box packaging.
Figure 2. All box contents.
Figure 3. Front view of device.
Figure 4. Rear view of device with panel covers removed.
Figure 5. Top view of device.

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