xDuoo X3 Hi-Fi Music Player Review


Having read a lot about how much better a dedicated Music Player sounds compared to a multi-purpose device such as your smartphone. I thought I’ll have a look at getting a relatively cheap one to start off with.

Obviously, I did not want to get some cheap player that produced better sound than my smartphone.

After a bit of googling as we all do, I found the xDuoo X3, a reasonably-priced Music Player that uses Cirrus Logic’s flagship CS4398 chip.

Build Quality

The Music Player feels solid to hold. But surprisingly when held, feels very light.


Some people like the odd layout of the buttons. Personally, I would prefer a simplistic and symmetrical buttons layout.

The best thing is the dual micro SD card slots.

Sound Quality

The only good thing about the xDuoo X3 is the sound quality. It is powered by Cirrus Logic’s CS4398 flagship chip.

It has a nice wide soundstage and neutral sound signature.


The software does the job, not the most intuitive, but I guess that’s all you can do with a non-touchscreen device.


The xDuoo X3 does a great job in the sound department, however, due to its lack of a touchscreen and poor firmware, I cannot recommend this Music Player.

Touchscreens are the future. If you are on the market for a Music Player, make sure it has a touchscreen.

Note: Do not buy from Penon Audio. My experience with them was horrendous – I will leave it at that.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Box packaging.
Figure 2. All box contents.
Figure 3. Bottom side of player showing headphone jack and line out.
Figure 4. Left side of player showing locking slider.
Figure 5. Player with headphones plugged in.
Figure 6. Right side of player showing two microSD card slots, reset pin hole and volume buttons.
Figure 7. Top side of player showing micro USB port.

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