Comply Move Freely Sport + Foam Tips Review


I have been a huge fan of COMPLY’s foam ear-tips ever since using the pair that came bundled with the MEE Audio M6 PRO.

I did not know how much I liked them until they broke or rather got ripped apart by my keys while in my pocket.

I could not justify paying AUD10 to replace them, so have been using silicon ear-tips since.

With the purchase of the UE900s, I needed ear-tips that had a mesh cover, to cover up the open hole found in the UE900s.

The search led me to COMPLY’s SPORT+ with SWEATGUARD series of foam ear-tips.

Design and Comfort

The shape of the ear-tips is of a cone shape, which unsurprisingly, feels more comfortable in the ear than the round shape that silicon ear-tips usually come in.

Something to note also is the material the SPORT+ with SWEATGUARD is made of. Unlike the pair that came bundled with the M6 PRO, the SPORT+ with SWEATGUARD is not smooth foam.

Touching the ear-tips with the fingers, it feels like the top layer of the foam has been cut. Inside the ear, it feels like a soft cloth – something I much prefer over the smooth foam feeling.

With the ones that came bundled with the M6 PRO, my ears would feel stuffy and need a break after an hour or so. With the SPORT+ with SWEATGUARD, I can have them on for hours and not feel any stuffiness in my ears.

Build Quality

The SPORT+ with SWEATGUARD ear-tips feel more well built than the ones that came bundled with the M6 PRO.

I have not stress tested them. But judging from my past experiences, they are certainly far superior to both the bundled ear-tips and cheap ones found on eBay.


As I mentioned in the introduction, I am a big fan of COMPLY foam ear-tips. I love their high quality and superior comfort to traditional silicon ear-tips.

With the SPORT+ with SWEATGUARD ear-tips, I can now enjoy having my UE900s on for hours and not have to worry about airing out stuffy, sweaty ears every hour or so.

I highly recommend them and as with all my accessory recommendations. There is no point in buying accessories that cost as much as the device itself. Buy something that is proportionate to it.

Product Photos

Figure 1. Packaging.
Figure 2. Ear-tips up close.
Figure 3. Ear-tips attached to UE900s.

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